Merit Entertainment (Proprietary)

Photo Hunt is a game where player have to spot the difference between two images. Initially, the game was developed for coin-operated touchscreen machines that were found in restaurants and bars. The game was re-released for the iPod touch and the iPhone.

At the start of the game, players are shown two images that are almost similar except for five slight differences. The player’s goal is to look for the five differences on the image. Each level is timed, so players must locate all the differences before the time runs out. Players can touch the location on the picture where the differences are found. Once the player spots the right location, the object is encircled in green. Randomly touching areas with no differences deducts a few seconds from the timer. When the timer has run out and the player hasn’t found all the differences, the level must be repeated. If the player finds all the differences before the time is up, bonus points will be added to the player’s score based on the time remaining. The player then gets access to the next level with the timer having less time than the previous level.

The player features hints that come in the form of a magnifying glass to help them during the game.