Photohands 1.0.3


Casio Photohands is a program bundled with Casio digital cameras. It is a photo handler, editor and indexer. It is meant to be used in conjunction, not only with a Casio digital camera, but with other bundled software as well, namely Casio Photo Loader. The program has an easy to use interface, coupled with basic photo editing features and ample variety of supported file formats, it hopes to provide novice photographers with all the basic features they need to sort, edit, and catalog their photos.

Photohands supports importing the following file types: JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF. It exports these images in JPEG, BMP, and PNG files. The interface displays the photos and images that have been imported on a filmstrip style dialog on the left hand side. The basic commands for opening, saving, opening the help menu, and closing the program are all on the upper right hand corner of the program. On the far left edge of the program’s interface, the buttons to retouch, resize, rotate, and print the selected images are shown. On the right hand side, the program displays an enlarged view of the selected photo. Below it, the selected photo’s details are shown. Details such as the file name, image dimensions, file size, as well as when the image was captured. With the bright colors of the interface, users will find the program easy to use and straightforward.