PhotoFrame 7.1.1

onOne Software (Shareware)

PhotoFrame is an application used for adding frames, textures, backgrounds, and borders. PhotoFrame is a plug-in for professional photo editing applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, and Aperture. The software comes with thousands of frames, textures, and backgrounds that can be added to photos. Some of the best frames included were created by professional photographers. In addition, users can add their own frames to the library or download frames from websites to use with photos imported to the application.

PhotoFrame allows users to see how the frames and borders will look like when applied to the image without having to wait for the rendering process to finish. The program features a guide and a ruler that is used for finalizing the layout of the photo before any effects are added. The image is placed at the center of the window, while the options for the effects can be found in their respective windows on the right and left part of the screen.

Other main features of the PhotoFrame program are the following:
• Thousands of effects to choose from
• Comprehensive online web tutorials for beginners
• Support for adding watermarks to photos
• Select output file sizes