PhotoFiltre Studio 10.7.2

Antonio Da Cruz (Shareware)

PhotoFiltre Studio is a photo editing program for Windows computers. The program consists of simple and advanced editing tools for beginners and professionals. All the editing tools and options are displayed on the toolbar that can be found on the upper part of the application’s window. PhotoFiltre Studio has a wide selection of filters for editing photos. There are photo adjustment tools, such as contrast, brightness, gamma correction, and brightness, as well as artistic photo filters like puzzle effect, watercolor effect, pastels, and more.

The software allows two vectoral selection modes. The first one consists of basic shapes (circle, rectangle, rounded rectangle, etc.) and the free form tool (lasso and polygon). The program also consists of brushes for editing specific parts of a picture. The brushes come in different shapes and sizes, too. In addition, there is a rainbow option that allows users to add gradients along lines.

Like other professional photo editing programs, PhotoFiltre Studio allows layered editing. It supports four types of layers: bitmap type, text type, color type, and settings type. The application has an Erase Tool that can remove certain areas of the photo.

Here are other features of the photo editing program:
• Automatic transparent gradient tool
• Red eye correction
• PhotoMasque module
• Icon export
• Animated GIF generator