PhotoChances 4.5.003

Juan Trujillo Tarradas; (Shareware)

PhotoChances is an application used for editing photos and images. It has support for various types of image file formats that include BMP, PNG, TIFF, and JPG. The program comes with a number of tools and effects that can enhance the appearance of an image. Its user interface is intuitive, making the program ideal to use for just about anyone. Each of the effects that can be applied is configurable, so users have complete control over the final look of the image.

The main window consists of a work area at the center of the screen. All the effects and filters can be accessed from the left panel of the window. When an effect or filter is selected, the settings can be tweaked from the right panel of the main window. Most of the settings can be changed using the sliders for each attribute. Users will immediately be able to see the changes on the work area. They can also access the original image by clicking on the Original text box at the upper right portion of the screen.

Other features of the PhotoChances application are as follows:

• Simple to use even for those who have no experience editing photos
• Comes with a random effect generator for building own effects
• Does not clog up system resources