PhotoBRUSH Application 5.30

MediaChance (Shareware)

Photo-BRUSH is an application used for retouching and enhancing photos and images. It consists of several basic and advanced tools, which is ideal for novice and advanced computer users. The program has an intuitive interface that displays all the tools. It has a wide work area that is surrounded by all the tools and actions for effects. The bottom part of the work area has four tabs – Basic Tools, Retouch, Effects, and Selection Tools. When one of these tabs is selected, the different options are displayed.

These are some of the main features of the Photo-BRUSH program:

• Offers wide variety of image adjustments – The program has built-in tools for adjusting the different settings of a program including the hut and saturation, gamma and exposure levels, as well as the exposure levels.
• Plugin support – The application has can be used together with the popular editing application, Adobe Photoshop.
• Tablet support – Photo-BRUSH can also be used as a painting program, as it is compatible with pressure-sensitive tablets. This allows users to create painting-like images from their photos.
• Photo retouching – The photo retouching toolset comes with different tools for removing parts of an image, cleaning out scratches, and removing red eyes.
• Supports scanning software – The program supports film scanners and TWAIN 32 scanners. It also has an automatic dust removal feature to make sure scanned pictures are clean.