Photobie Design Studio

Photobie Design (Freeware)

Photobie Design Studio is an image editing program developed by Photobie Design and released on December 2008. This program enables users to edit photos and create images using painting tools. This program also enables users to create scrapbook projects. It features Design Photo templates that provide users dozens of design options they can choose from in creating their photo projects. It also enables users to make screen captures and screenshot editing capabilities.

Photobie Design Studio provides support not just for traditional image file formats like JPEG. This program also supports GIF editing. It also enables users to export images into a PDF file. It also functions as an image browser and features support for Photoshop filters plugins with .8BF file formats.

Photobie Design Studio features a grey user interface similar to most image editing programs. The menu bar features File, Edit, Region, Layer, Filter, Browser, ScreenCapture, GIF Animation, Color Setup, Output, and View. The right panel displays additional tools and design options. The bottom panel features the currently opened files and images. When the GIF Animation tab is chosen, the bottom panel shows the different frames currently open for editing. Photobie Design Studio user interface also features Drag and Drop functionality. Menu options launch as a dialog box that can be minimized or closed. Dialog boxes may be docked on the right panel for easier access.