PhotoAcute Studio 3.013

Almalence Inc. (Shareware)

PhotoAcute Studio is a program used for image correction and enhancement. The program is mainly used for increasing the resolution of images, adding depth of field, and improving dynamic range. It can also lessen noise in pictures, fix distortions, and get rid of chromatic aberrations. The application supports images from camera phones and professional digital cameras.

Other features of the PhotoAcute Studio application are the following:

• No image detail loss – The program is capable of improving pictures and images without losing the details of the image. This is done by merging several photos together in order to reduce noise.
• Expanding of dynamic range – The application has a tool for restoring the shadows on an image with the alignment function. This is useful for subjects that were photographed in shadowed areas.
• Geometry Correction – The image geometry correction feature aligns distortions caused by the lens of the camera. This allows users to achieve the correct perspective on images.

PhotoAcute Studio program’s main interface is intuitive. The correction area takes up most of the space, while the source images can be found on the left side of the window. There are preset adjustment processing options that users can choose from including correction of image geometry, increasing resolution, improving of depth of field, blending of HDR image, and fixing aberrations.