Photo Tune

onOne Software (Shareware)

Photo Tune is a graphics plug-in developed by onOne Software for optimizing the color of images. This plug-in can be used with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. It can be used for enhancing and correcting the color of images. It is specifically designed for optimizing the sharpness, dynamic range, and color of images as well as adjusting the skin tone.

Photo Tune offers the following features:
• Six-Step Workflow – The program offers a 6-step process when working on images. After examining the image to be corrected, the program then displays two corrected options. Users can then choose which option works best. The program offers a Color Wizard that guides users throughout the 6-step process.
• Correction Comparison – Photo Tune provides a Wizard Snapshot feature, which is used for saving the corrected image options during the Color Wizard. The saved corrected image can then be used for comparison. Taking up to four snapshots of the corrected image is possible as well.
• Fine Tune Panel – This is part of the 6-step process. However, it can also be accessed anytime. This panel shows the original image and the corrected image side by side. It allows users to make adjustments like contrast, brightness, dynamic range, and others.