Photo Toolkit

VicMan Software (Freeware)

Photo Toolkit is a program used for editing photos and images. The program has an explorer-based interface that makes it easy to use for novice and advanced computer users. Tools and menus are located at the upper portion of the main window. Users can browse through files and folders located at the left side of the window. When a photo is selected, it will be displayed on the main work area. Some of the tools included in the application are the following:

• Denoise – The program comes with a denoising tool that improves the appearance of images that were taken in a poorly lighted area. Denoising can be done automatically or manually, depending on the user’s preferences.
• Color Enhancement – The color enhancement tool allows users to change the image’s saturation, brightness, and contrast. Enhancements can also be done manually or automatically.
• Resample – The resampling tool enables users to increase or decrease a photo’s size without losing the quality of the image.
• Make-up – This tool is used for improving portraits. It comes with a set of tools for retouching blemishes and other impurities on the portrait.
• Straighten – The straighten tool enables users to straighten images, especially images of landscapes and views.

Photo Toolkit supports batch processing so users can work on several photos all at the same time.