Photo Toolbox

LifeSniffer (Shareware)

Photo Toolbox is an image-editing program developed and released by LifeSniffer on May 2011. The application’s main function is to allow users to professionally edit photos using advanced tools not commonly present in most ordinary photo editing tools. This software would be able to aid both amateur and professional photographers create the quality photos by retouching and removing unwanted elements from a picture.

Photo Toolbox’s main function is to enhance photos using basic graphic editing tools to enhance the final output of a photo. Users of this program would be able to use brush effect tools, blemish remover, red-eye reduction, dodge & burn, magic wand, clone stamp, rectangular marquee, and the famous lasso tool. The application also allows users to import pictures from the camera, switch to full-screen mode, zoom in and out, set the color range, as well as flip, rotate, and crop pictures. The software also enables users to configure brightness and contrast of colors and adjust other elements of the photo. It also has undo and redo functions.

Images from the application can be accessed through the browser since it does not support the drag-and-drop method. Photo Toolbox uses moderate amount of resources which ensures fast processing. It also has online support to further guide its users.