Photo to Cartoon

Caricature Software (Shareware)

Photo to Cartoon or Caricature Studio is an application used for creating caricatures out of digital photos. The program comes with more than a hundred themes and templates to achieve various results. Some of the tools included in the application are:

• Caricature effects – The application consists of several tools for changing the different parts of a photo. Some of the tools are pull, shrink, twist, stretch, and expand.
• Face swap – The face swap tool enables users to cut a head from a photo and paste to another body.
• Head on body – This tool allows users to cut a head and paste it on a template to create photo fakes.
• Comic rendering – This filter turns photos into comic-style images. Users can set the thickness of the lines, the posterization, and other characteristics.
• Fake magazine – This tool enables users to paste an image on a magazine cover.

Photo to Cartoon is simple and easy to use. The tools can be used to experiment on the images to come up with funny caricatures. It also has a caricature wizard that automatically applies an effect on a certain part of an image. The software has an automatic software update function to make sure that the user always has the latest version.