Photo Stamp Remover 5.2

SoftOrbits (Shareware)

Photo Stamp Remover is a photo editing application that erases unwanted items on photos. It is capable of removing date stamps and watermarks. Additionally, the program can be used to remove minor imperfections on the skin like pimples, wrinkles, dark spots, and tattoos. It does this by generating texture similar to that of the surrounding area, making the image appear natural. Removing items and imperfections is done automatically. Users are also able to remove items by color. To do this, the user can select a specific color and all the items on the photo with that color will automatically be removed. The area to be restored must be selected and the application does the rest. Photo Stamp Remover makes use of an advanced algorithm resulting in a blended background after the imperfection has been erased.

The application has a batch mode feature. This allows users to process several photos all at the same time. In order for the batch mode feature to work, the location of the item on all photos must be the same. Batch mode is especially useful when removing date stamps from pictures. Photo Stamp Remover is also useful for restoring old photos and removing scratches, dust spots, and creases from a scanned image.