Photo-Objects Holidays & Festivities Collection

Hemera Technologies (Proprietary)

Photo-Objects Holidays & Festivities Collection is an image collection software developed by Hemera Technologies. The program features more than 60,000 photos of varied subjects connected to holidays and festivities. Images are divided into general categories. The program also comes with a search function, which allows users to search for images using keywords. Users may search within a category or among all categories. The search function recognizes multiple keywords with the option to search for exact matches or isolated matches among a group of keywords. Photos are images of real captures as compared to clip art collections.

Photo-Objects Holidays & Festivities Collection features a simple and intuitive. The GUI is divided into three parts. The menu bar provides buttons for File, Edit, View, and Help. The taskbar features buttons for common tasks like Export, Copy, Clear, and Full Size. The last button allows users to copy and view the image in its full size or biggest size, instead of just thumbnail size. The top panel features an input box for the search keyword. Users may also choose the category within which to search for the keyword using the drop down list. The middle panel shows the keyword search results, as well as results that are similar or connected to the keyword. Each photo name is displayed with the corresponding category, and other connected keywords. The last panel shows the different images that match the name result.