Photo-Objects 10,000 Premium Image Collection

Hemera Technologies (Shareware)

Photo-Objects 10,000 Premium Image Collection is a photo and imaging application designed by Hemera Technologies Inc. It enables users to edit photos and create photo collages for documentation, printing or publishing, web designing, and graphic use.

As its name suggests, there are ten thousand (10,000) “Photo-Objects” included. Those royalty-free cropped photos in transparent background vary in 50 different categories. Users can have the option to add textured or colored backgrounds. These image files can be searched through the built-in image search engine by name, category, or attribute. Any photo-object may be resized and cropped as needed. Other than that, the objects can be imported to other graphics and photo editing programs.

Photo-Objects 10,000 Premium Image Collection primarily features Export Wizard, and PhotoFont Maker. The Export Wizard is used to export photos to any compatible applications, including Microsoft Word and Publisher, Paint, and Adobe Photoshop. With its PhotoFont Maker, users can add text as captions anywhere in the images. It has 66 available textures users can select from. It also has a drag and drop function for faster or easy image transfer to another application.

More features of Photo-Objects 10,000 Premium Image Collection:
• Base resolution – 600 x 600 pixels
• Thumbnail and full view
• HPI (.hpi) as the default file format

This photo collection is no longer available. It has been replaced by Hemera Photo Objects 5,000.