Photo MovieTheater 2.3

eTinySoft Inc. (Shareware)

Photo MovieTheater is an application that enables users to create movies and presentations out of their photos and images. The application supports different file formats, such as MP4, WMV, MKV, XVID, DIVX, and many others. Creating a video from photos can be done in just three steps. This makes the application user-friendly even for novice computer users.

The application’s interface is intuitive, with three main parts. A tree view of files in the computer is located on the left panel of the main window. Users can select the files and preview them on the right side of the window. The timeline for the video is located at the bottom part of the window where users can see the sequence of frames. Photo MovieTheater comes with hundreds of transitions that can be added between each frame of the video. There are also decoration tools that can be accessed under the Makeup tab. Once the video is done, users can go to the Publish tab where there are several options for finishing the project. Users can burn the video on a disc, or transfer it to different devices, such as iPods, PSPs, mobile phones and many more. When working on the final video, users can view the changes that they make in real-time.