Photo Makeup Editor

AMS Software (Shareware)

Photo Makeup Editor is an image-enhancing software created by AMS software and released on January 2012. This program enables users to enhance a basic portrait image by retouching blemishes, apply simple make up enhancements, and even change hair color.

Photo Makeup Editor features a Windows-based user interface. The main window shows the selected photo or image to be enhanced. The right panel shows the usual makeup elements as buttons. These include lipstick color, face foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, lip gloss, and hair color. When a particular makeup element is clicked, a dialog box appears below to show some customization options. Customization options include sliders for applicator size, brightness, and hardness. Users may select the color from the color picker below the sliders. Users may also choose a brush type to be used for application. A color dropper may also be used to sample a color from the picture for use as color source. The main window shows imported image. Images may be zoomed in and out, and may even be adjusted to scale. There is also a Fit button to fit the image to the window. Users may also select whether or not to apply interpolation using a check box at the bottom of the window. Enhanced images may then be saved by clicking the Save button located on the task bar.