Photo Magician 2

Sheldon Solutions (Freeware)

Photo Magician 2 is an application tool for converting and resizing photo images, which is developed by Andrew Sheldon. Through this program, users can alter the scale of their image files, which can come in a variety of formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, and many others. The user interface is simple and straightforward, with very few details on the window. There is a button at the upper left hand corner for the Quick Convert mode, and right below it are two fields for the Input folder and Output folder. The center of the screen contains three tabs for Profile, Conversion Settings, and Options, respectively. One of the main attractions of this application is its ability to resize photos in batches for convenient display and storage.

In the Profile tab of Photo Magician 2, the user can choose among pre-configured settings for HDTVs, iPods, which includes custom settings as well. There is a button on the bottom right for the Profile Editor, which users can click on to access their saved profiles. The Options tab allows users to select an interface language, check for program updates, and set TIFF output compression. Once the profile is completed and saved, the user can simply select images and click on the Quick Convert button.