Photo & Graphic Designer

Xara Group Ltd. (Shareware)

Photo & Graphic Designer is a program that allows users to create and edit graphic designs like composing photos, flash animations, graphics for websites, and vector creations. It makes of high-quality rendering technology to ensure quality output. Tools created for direct action allows the users to utilize the mouse, drag and object, and create modifications on transparency, gradients, shadows, and bevels. Almost all the functions are based on the drag and drop principle making it easy to work with especially on tablets.

The program’s tools are divided into different categories that are:

• Creative Tools – The program consists of several tools for unleashing creativity. Some of the tools included in this section are transparency and feathering tools, tools for 3-dimentional objects, settings for the page and text layouts, basic and advanced drawing tools, and blends.
• Photo Handling Tools – For editing photos and images, some of the tools are plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, a magic eraser tool, tools for editing panoramic images, and a tracer for bitmap file formats. The application also does non-destructive editing to ensure that the original image stays intact.
• Website Tools – Additionally, the application also has other tools for web creation, such as tools for animated flash and widgets for personal or professional websites.