Photo Gallery Builder

SkyAlbum (Freeware)

SkyAlbum Photo Gallery Builder is an application used to create an online photo gallery. It takes a group or groups of images by the user and converts them into a photo gallery or flash image. It allows the user to display their images on the users’ website. Users can save completed galleries as SWF files and burn them to a disc to use for presentations and tutorials.

SkyAlbum Photo Gallery Builder has built-in multiple jQuery themes for the user to pattern their photo and image galleries. Users may select their images in a group on the Photos area of the interface, select themes, and publish in the gallery. The application has an assortment of customizable templates with various designs. Background music can be attached to the user’s image collection. Transition effects are available for the photo slideshows. Users can add clipart and annotations to the photos on the gallery. Completed galleries can be shared on websites. Once posted on the user’s website, the gallery will display the photos in a flash animation manner. The photos transition from one image to the next on the same webpage. Users can share their galleries to others offline as standalone SWF files. The SWF files can be burned by the user to discs or by way of external memory and hard drives.