Photo Frame Show 1.4

Likno Software (Shareware)

Photo Frame Show is a program used for adding elements to photos and images. The program comes with several elements including photo frames, objects, backgrounds, and many others. Output files from the application can be saved in popular image file formats. This enables users to add the edited photos to their projects, such as presentations, digital scrapbooks, photo calendars, and others.

The program has a simple and easy to use interface, which makes it easy to use even for novice computer users. There are more than 40 frames and backgrounds to choose from, but users can download even more objects from the program’s official website. Aside from adding shapes and frames to images, the program also allows users to add text to images. Users have complete control over the style of the text including the color and text size, alignment on the images, and emphasis settings. The program’s interface allows users to set the frame on the image by manipulating the resize image and resize frame sliders. More key features of the Photo Frame Show application are as follows:

• Choose frames and background from different categories, such as occasions, sports, seasons, family, music, classical, and many others
• Output files from the application can be printed out
• E-cards and edited images can be emailed to contacts straight from the interface