Photo Frame Genius 2.3

EasyTools (Shareware)

Photo Frame Genius is a photo enhancement application that allows users to add frames and other design features to photos and edit them according to preference. Through this program, users can also merge photos into a single image, using any of the multiple style options available. The image output can be embellished with clipart, shadows, frames, and masks to make it more appealing. This program is useful among online sellers, graphic designers, and photographers, as it allows them to enhance their photos and turn them into attractive images.

The simple and minimalist graphical user interface contains a single menu at the top of the screen, which has File, Editing, and Viewing options. At the bottom of the menu is a row of tools that enable users to perform a variety of tasks such as opening files, saving files, resizing photos, and adding frames among others. The image quality can also be manipulated by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and gamma. Photos can be cropped as well as flipped horizontally or vertically. If the user decides to go back a step backward or forward, there are undo and redo options available, too. The program supports a bevy of image file formats that include JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and many others.