Photo Filter Factory

Ezyware (Proprietary)

Photo Filter Factory is a graphics application developed by Ezyware and released on October 2013. The program provides an extensive list of filters that users can then use to edit or enhance their images. It features more than 4000 image effects and filters that may be applied. Some of the most popular filters are Aged Paper, Black marble, Cloudy Sky, Alien Moon, Bamboo, and Cobble Stone, among others. Some effects include Lens Flare, Pond Ripples, as well as Fade effects.  Each effect provides 12 more variations on the same theme, thus giving more customization options. Photo Filter Factory also provides other image editing functions including the ability to add text and shapes on the image. Users may draw circles, lines, or use a pen tool. The program also features a color fill option for selected areas or for the whole image. It also features the capability to add shadows and frames to images.

The program also supports batch file processing. This function enables users to edit a large number of images with the same effect and simultaneously. The program also features some resizing and cropping functions. The batch file processing function also applies for the cropping and resizing process. The program supports a variety of image file formats including JPG, BMP, EMF, GIF, TGA, and PNG. The program also recognizes lesser known file formats like WMF, TIF, and 8BF.