Photo Explosion Deluxe

Nova Development. (Proprietary)

Photo Explosion Deluxe is a program used for editing photos and images. The program comes with more than 10,000 objects that can be added to photos and images including frames, filters, and other graphics. Users can import files to the program from their mobile phones, digital cameras, and hard drives. The program comes with different features including the ones listed below:

• Retouching and Repairing – The program comes with different tools for fixing photos taken in low-lighting conditions. There are also tools for improving the saturation and color of images, as well as for repairing old photos that are digitized.
• Photo Projects – Users can also utilize the program for creating different types of photo projects, such as digital scrapbooks, photo calendars, and digital scrapbooks.
• Panorama Images – Users can create panoramic images with their own photos by stitching and blending standard-sized images.
• Video Editing – The program comes with an editing feature that enables users to create photo videos to be burned on discs.
• Sharing – Projects created with the application can be shared with friends by printing them or sending them through email or through social networking sites.

Photo Explosion Deluxe has an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate for both novice and advanced computer users.