Photo EXIF & Watermark Maker

3delite (Shareware)

The Photo EXIF & Watermark Maker utility developed by 3delite is an application designed specifically to assist photographers. Some of the main functions of this imaging tool are applying and positioning a watermark image or text, modifying EXIF copyright details, resizing images, and renaming output files. In terms of changing EXIF information, users of this program are allowed to change the author, copyright, keywords, title, subject fields, description, and they may also add comments. This utility allows for batch image processing and multi-threaded processing as well.

This watermark generator offers user with automated photo editing functions. All the photographer needs to do is to select the source folder and image and identify the properties that need to be adjusted. Users can then select the destination or output folder where the edited images will be saved. They can choose to retain the original filename or assign a new one.

In addition to functions already mentioned, this application also allows users to rename output files and adjust image quality with the use of resamplers. Some of the available resamplers are Mitchell, Hann, Cosine, Box, Gaussian, Sinsh, and Hamming.

This photography tool has full Unicode support. Users can opt for a 25-day trial version for free and use the program without registration.