Photo DVD Slideshow Professional 8.06

AnvSoft, Inc. (Shareware)

Photo DVD Slideshow Professional is a slideshow creator program. It is used for turning images into slideshow files. The program supports different formats including DVD, MPEG, FLV, and more. It also supports several devices including iPad, iPod, iPone, Zune, DVD players, mobile phones, and others. Slideshows can also be created to be Internet-ready.

Photo DVD Slideshow Professional provides the following functions:

• Organization functions – The program offers various functions for organizing images to be used in the slideshow project. It offers basic organizing functions like adding and removing images, video clips, texts, and even art clips. It also offers tools for adding background music, rotating images, setting the project as an album thumbnail, and randomizing slide order.
• Menu Addition – Slideshows created using the program can have menus on them. Users can add background music/images menus as well as DVD menus. Menu layouts can also be edited and previewed.
• Additional Tools – Aside from creating slideshows, the program also includes two additional tools – a sound recorder and an audio CD ripper. These two tools can be used for adding music to the created slideshow.
• View Options – The program also offers different view options for the program’s interface, as well as other additional options. These view options include Organize Photos View, Choose Menus View, and Burn DVD Views. Additional options include DVD/CD File System Options, TV System Options, DVD/CD Recorder Options, and more.