Photo designer

Magix (Freeware)

Photo designer is a photoediting program developed by Magix. This application is designed with numerous features that compete with conventional photoeditors. This program edits photos with precise effects that users will not find in other free and classic image editing programs. It has basic tools that aid in adjusting color, brightness, sharpness and many more. Other basic features include rotating, mirroring, cropping and lightening photos, but with superb details that can contend with high profile photoeditors.

Photo correction is also made easier with this program. It can restore pictures from their original state, allowing users to see their old photos to their original glory. Restoration can be conducted on faded, wrinkled, and torn areas on the photo. Red eyes are easily removed to bring out the photo’s actual beauty. Its updated feature also allows users to manipulate the photo and remove unnecessary images to highlight the photo’s main focus.

Other manipulation tools like lighting, panorama montages, and caricaturing capabilities come with the program for a more artistic and creative output. This program performs fast without using significant resources. It does not require high-end computers, but it will still deliver professional-like photos after editing the original images. Photo designer is a compact program and easier to use compared to other famous photoeditors with the same feature. Users without any background in photoediting can get their envisioned output.