Photo Crop Editor


Photo Crop Editor is an application for interactive photo editing which selects and removes specific objects found in photos from their respective backgrounds. Objects from pictures can be cropped and removed using the program. New scenes can be made by incorporating the object in another background.

The program can be used even when background and foreground colors are somewhat similar. The user first has to specify the object to be extracted. For the foreground the user has to make a left click. On the other hand, for the background, a right click has to be made. Automatic lookup of object boundary is then done. Next, the user has the option to modify a boundary. In the third step which is called Bayesian matting, hair from the background can be matted. Mark Unknown which is a program Mode can be used to specify the edge’s (between background and foreground) region. The last step in the process composes the extracted object on a new background.  If a user feels the need to modify an image’s boundary the program’s Overriding brush can be made use of. The latter enables correct editing for desired boundaries. The program’s Bayesian engine is also able to make some foreground parts transparent, as well as calculate selected pixels’ alpha values. More than 80 crop shapes are also provided for image editing.