PhoTags Express Tour

PhoTags (Shareware)

PhoTags Express Tour Smith Micro Software is a program designed to connect to the Web with a Windows Firewall exception. It is a photo imaging utility that is meant for regular use of professional photographers and enthusiasts that use a digital camera in taking pictures. The application offers users with the means to organize and manage photo collections no matter how extensive they may be. The program also has features that can be used to enhance the photos taken. The utility may be used to create photo projects such as greeting cards, calendars, postcards and albums on photo paper.

PhoTags Express Tour features patented Active Captions technology, which retains the standard JPEG format and all the attributes while allowing pertinent data to be added. The relevant data that users of the program may add to the image are dates, keywords, captions, name of photographer, and ratings. Clip art, frames, and shapes may be added as well while ensuring that the original photo file is not tampered with.

The latest version of PhoTags Express Tour boasts of a newly improved photo management system that is based on standard Windows Explorer tree. Most of the current users of the program are running it on computer systems with Windows 7 and Windows Vista OS.