PhoneTray Free

Traysoft Inc. (Shareware)

PhoneTray is a caller ID application that performs a number of phone tasks, such as prompting users as to the incoming caller's name and contact number. This way, users can decide whether they want to answer the call or not. The software can be configured to reject incoming calls from a certain caller by way of playing a selected message or tone. Furthermore, PhoneTray works like a security alarm for users who do not want to receive calls from telemarketers or from people who are calling to advertise or promote certain products or services. It automatically detects some company calls and wards them off by playing back a disconnected tone when these entities call. Moreover, it also has a special feature that tells telemarketers to remove the user's contact details from their calling lists.

PhoneTray is designed to identify and stop robo-calls, as well as reject anonymous or unfamiliar contact numbers. Out-of-area calls are also automatically disclosed. It has a GPS-like feature that scans for the location of the caller to identify its validity. Once the software detects suspicious location details, it will block the call from connecting to the device. Additionally, this caller ID software automatically stops phone spammers by flashing a special dial tone that will inform them that the number has been disconnected from the network service. Finally, the software works with a variety of devices including regular phones, digital phone lines, cable phones, and Internet VoIP phones.