Phone Data Manager

Microsoft (Freeware)

Phone Data Manager is a program developed by Microsoft and released on August 2009. The program enables users to connect their mobile phones and smartphones to the computer. The program allows users to copy data from their mobile phones into the computer for backup. Information that can be copied includes messages, contacts, emails, and even notes saved on the phone. Synchronizing contacts is done through Windows Live Contacts. The program also supports copying media files like music, pictures, and videos.

Phone Data Manager features a classic blue theme user interface. Connection is done through cable or through a Bluetooth connection. When a phone is connected with the system, the program automatically retrieves some basic information including the phone model, last sync date, and connection mode. Users may connect up to 5 phones simultaneously. The program will display all connected phones in the All Phones section. Clicking a phone will launch the Sync and Backup Options window. Users have an option to automatically sync data or manually select which data or files to backup. In automatic sync, users can configure the program to start syncing files from a certain date. The sync status is shown at the status bar.

Phone Data Manager also supports Windows Live Contacts functionality. Users may access Windows Live Contacts by inputting their Windows Live ID and Password.