Phone Book Administrator

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

Phone Book Administrator is an application that helps users create, maintain, and post phone book files that will be used in service profiles in Windows Connection Manager. This phone book service works by providing phone book updates for a client. This application is useful for creating a phone book that contains dial-up entries. The outcome is then released and distributed to users from an FTP site. FTP stands File Transfer Protocol. It is a system for transmitting files from one source to another over the Internet. Phone books are usually released to an FTP server after they are published by first creating a phone book release.

To publish phone books with Phone Book Administrator users must run the program. It can be found in the list of Programs in the Start menu under Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack and accessed through Internet Connection Services for RAS. The phone book may then be selected in the Phone books list. Then, users must specify the address of the Connection Point where the phone book database and files will be posted. This is done by clicking Options, and then typing the user name, password, and server address. Users can then head on to the Tools menu and click Publish Phone Book. In the dialog box, the release directory’s path name should be typed before clicking Create. After this, the phone book, .cab, and version files are generated and then put in the release directory.  The user merely needs to click Post and Close.