Phoenix The World

Phoenix Studio (Freeware)

Phoenix The World is a web browser developed by Phoenix Studio in 2005. This web browser is designed after Internet Explorer and features a multi-threaded frame design that prevents windows and web pages from freezing. Phoenix The World is portable and is readily available for free download in the Internet. This application contains the basic features of commercial web browsers and includes a tabbed graphic user interface that allows users to open multiple web pages in a single window. This feature maximizes window and screen space, and prevents the desktop taskbar from being clogged by many open browser windows. Aside from a multi-threaded design, Phoenix The World presents various other features such as web page sound mute, safe search settings, and a built-in download manager for different files such as documents, audio, video, image files, software, and compressed files. This web browser also has intelligent popup ad blocking and a blacklist filter that prevents the user’s computer from being infected by malicious software brought by popup ads and websites. In addition to these, Phoenix The World features different skins and plugins that enable users to change their browser’s appearance.

Phoenix The World features a simple graphical user interface that contains parts similar to most commercial web browsers. The browser window’s top portion contains the main control buttons such as back, forward, stop search, refresh page, and go to home page, bookmark button, and favorites. This section also contains the address bar and quick search button. Users may change the browser’s feature settings in the main menu bar. On the tools menu, users may set the home page, interface language, skins, and views.