PhatWare Corp. (Shareware)

Phatnotes is an application used for managing and organizing notes on computers and mobile devices. It allows the user to synchronize the notes on his mobile device and on his computer. If changes are made to the notes on the mobile device, these will also reflect on the computer’s notes. If the notes on the computer are edited, the updated notes will also be displayed on the mobile device provided that the device is connected to the Internet and is set to sync notes automatically.

The program allows freeform writing. This means the user can write notes in their own handwriting without using the keyboard. This is made possible on touch-enabled computers. Some of the properties of the notes can also be saved. These include the font color and the layout. The same is true with the data encoded using the program. The user can modify the title, the subject, and the text body on the computer and also on the mobile device.

Phatnotes has a smart search algorithm, which allows users to search for any notes even with limited information. The user can search according to category, subject, and date. The software also allows users to protect the notes with passwords, send notes as emails, and insert hyperlinks into notes.