PhatNoise Music Manager

PhatNoise (Bundled)

PhatNoise Music Manager is an application that enables users to organize their music collection. It supports different types of audio file formats including WAV, FLAC, MP3, and WMA. The program is divided into four sections. They are:

• The Library Manager – The Library Manager is a tool that is used for organizing songs in the media library. This is also the tool that is used for creating music playlists that can automatically be updated according to the user’s configurations and preferences.
• The Device Manager – The Device Manager is the tool to be used for uploading songs into the PhatBox cartridge. Users can upload individual songs or thousands of songs all at the same time, as the tool supports batch processing.
• The Encoder and CD Ripper – This tool allows users to convert their audio files between different formats including WAV, WMA, or MP3. It makes use of a high quality encoder and CD ripper so users always come up with quality files. Converting and encoding can be done in just two steps.
• The Internet Browser – This tool can be used when the computer is connected to the Internet. The tool enables users to search for song information. It is useful for managing and organizing a music library.