Pharaoh's Mystery Game

Artogon Studio (Shareware)

Pharaoh's Mystery Game is a game concerning puzzles and adventures.  The game is centered on legends regarding the Pharaoh Akhenaten. The goal of the game is to shoot blocks that fall from the ceiling to uncover Akhenaten’s secrets. When the blocks reach the floor, the game ends and the player loses. This game features more than 50 levels. It also features more than 12 types of power-ups that assist the player in uncovering all the secrets of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Pharaoh's Mystery Game features an Egyptian-themed graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI looks like a blank wall with two columns on either side. The left column shows the current score while the right column displays the power-up meter. The floor shows the scarab launcher that shoots blocks that fall from the ceiling. Shooting blocks gives the player coins that he can use to earn the Nine Mystic Gems. These gems will then be used to unlock puzzles and eventually uncover the Pharaoh’s secrets. The user may control the launcher using the mouse or arrow keys. The scarab can be moved from side to side to target specific falling blocks. The speed at which blocks fall from the ceiling increases as the game progresses. The goal is to shoot the most number of blocks within the given time limit.