Pharaoh's Curse Gold

Ancient Soft (Bundled)

Pharaoh's Curse Gold is a puzzle platformer developed by the company, Ancient Soft. Players of this game take on the role of explorers whose job it is to collect all the gold in each level in order to advance to the next. There are all sorts of obstacles under the ground that block the player’s access to the gold, but s/he can make use of various tools available such as hammers for breaking walls, picks for removing obstructions, and shovels for digging deeper into holes. Apart from collection gold, the player must also ward off and fight monsters and mummies, which try to stop you from reaching the treasure. After clearing the board of all the gold pieces, the player must go through the door in order to start a new puzzle.

The variety of weapons available to players includes reusable boomerangs and knives as well as other objects that can be used only once. First time players can refer to the game’s tutorial in order to learn the mechanics of Pharaoh’s Curse Gold. In the event that a player is stuck in a puzzle, s/he can simply press a button to see the solution. Completed levels can also be repeated as many times as the player wants.