Phantom Burner Pro Phantom Burner 2.0

Phantombility, Inc. (Shareware)

Phantom Burner Pro is a virtual emulator for optical media storage devices such as CD-R/DVD+RW. An emulator is a hardware or software which copies the functions of a guest computer to a host computer so that the copied behavior is somewhat like the real computer system. This is not to be confused with a simulator which functions to create an abstract representation of a scenario like a car driving simulator.  The program has the capability to create virtual disks from the disk image. Aside from this, it also allows users to burn the disk image to virtual CD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM/BD-RE using any disc burning software.

The user interface of the program has four major menus including General, Operations, Options, and About.  The General Menu displays the Computer Name, Current User, System Directory and Registered Account. The Operations page displays the controls for the functions executed by the software. The Options page deals with general software set-up.

Other key features of Phantom Burner Pro include the following:
• Support for virtual disk Burn Engine - Most burning software utilizes a middle layer between the application and the actual hardware.  This software sends SCSI commands which directly instruct the hardware on what to do.
• Burner Software – The feature describes compatibility with popular burning software.
• Burning Software support
• Specialized Burning Software
• Transfer of DRM protected music