PGP for Personal Privacy

Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. (Shareware)

PGP for Personal Privacy is a computer program with data decryption and encryption capabilities. The functions of this utility extend from text documents to e-mails, directories and disk partitions. This application is especially designed to provide a high level of protection for everyday digital forms communications (e.g. email). The basic function of this utility is scrambling information contained in the files so that only the sender and the recipient have the tools to read them.

It is also equipped with tools that can authenticate data for communication purposes and it can strengthen the level of security for e-mail exchanges, especially those that contain financial, medical, or legal information. The main objective of the creators of  PGP for Personal Privacy is provide users with the freedom to communicate over the Internet without worrying about external infiltration of sensitive information contained in the messages being exchanged.

PGP for Personal Privacy also allows senders of information to sign the message digitally so that there is verification of the authenticity of the sender. This application is from Pretty Good Privacy, Inc., a company that is known for releasing this leading protocol for data encryption. The program was created in 1991 by Philip Zimmerman, a cryptographer. This application has a commercial version and one that is downloadable for free.