PGP Desktop

PGP Corp. (Shareware)

PGP Desktop is an application that has the ability to encrypt data as a file protection measure. This application can be used to protect documents and media files from being accessed by unauthorized users directly or remotely. This utility guides users in creating their own PGP keys upon installation and protect these with a passphrase. Aside from files saved in the computer, this application can also encrypt outgoing email messages, as well as messages sent through chat. This protects sensitive information from being accessed by hackers, spyware, and malware.

PGP Desktop can also be used to create encrypted virtual disks where important files may be stored. Only users who know the encryption key and passphrase may be able to access the files in the encrypted disk. This application also has the ability to delete confidential files permanently without possibility of recovery. It may also be used to shred all traces left behind by deleted files.

This application may also be used to decrypt files done in PGP format. For example, users who are exchanging encrypted messages via email may install this program into their computers so they may decrypt the messages for reading, type a response, and encrypt this again before sending. PGP Desktop has a dedicated window where users can drag and drop encrypted messages for decryption.