PGIII Scorched Earth

Mattel (Proprietary)

PGIII Scorched Earth, or Panzer General: Scorched Earth, was a game developed by Mattel. It is a turn-based tactics game, and features four World War II campaigns set in locations in Moscow and Berlin, focusing on the Russian and German military forces. In this game, players have command over a platoon tasked to capture and defend cities. Players can choose from the Russian generals Konev and Zhukov, or the two German generals Manstein or Guderian, to play as. This game has a number of notable features, among which are the following:

• Strategic maps – there is a strategic map for every campaign; players can choose their own way through each campaign to complete the mission on that path. Once completed, the mission branches into several other missions. The game also has an overhead map that players can use to see the equipment class units belong to.
• Special leader abilities – the player has control over a group of leaders that have their own specialties. It is up to the player to match the leader to the equipment class that reflects their particular strength.
• Unit design and abilities – players have access to more than a hundred unit types with different abilities. The player must employ smart tactics in order to strategically place them in critical areas. PGIII Scorched Earth gives players control over different types of infantry, bomber, tanks, artillery, and recon units.