PFPortChecker 1.0.39 (Freeware)

PFPortChecker is a port scanning program developed by This tool is used for checking whether a port is open or not. This tool can be useful for verifying security policies as well as identifying running services. The program utilizes a local program that listens to servers trying to connect with a computer’s ports, then confirms whether the chosen port is properly utilized.

PFPortChecker does not assume that the user already has a program like a torrent or game that listens to a port test on a computer. At the same time, the application is also capable of testing UDP allowing users to get a more accurate port forwarding test result. The program offers a straightforward single-windowed interface. Users should not have trouble using the program since instructions are also provided in the interface. To use it, users have to enter the port number then choose the protocol (i.e. TCP or UDP). To check the port number, users click on the “Check Me” button. The program automatically displays results on the same main window. It displays the External IP Address, Ping Result, as well as Port Check Result.

The program requires users to setup a firewall rule for it. This is to ensure that PFPortChecker provides an accurate result. Failing to create a firewall rule can cause the program to report a closed port even if the router is opened correctly.