PFI Diagnostic Utility

The POPFile Project (Freeware)

PFI Diagnostic Utility is a utility under the POPFile program. POPFile is a system tool which allows the users to automatically classify emails. It works like a personal assistant who can handle tasks such as taking out junk emails as well as more complicated ones like filing them on separate folders depending on a set of criteria. Initially, the design of the program is that the “User Data” is compiled with the POPFile program. User data pertains to POPfile configurations, corpus, magnets, message history, and other related settings specific to a user. PFI changed this by allowing the User Data to be stored somewhere else and gives the capability for easy search instead.

PFI Diagnostics Utility allows the user to find where the Windows installer or program wizard has saved the “User Data.” It makes use of the registry and POPFile environment variables to create criteria for its search. There are six (6) commands under the utility: pfidiag, pfidiag/simple, pfidiag/full, pfidiag/shortcut, pfidiag/menu, and pfidiag/help. The command names are intuitive in terms of their usage. General and simple commands create simple reports while full commands give more detailed versions which can be useful in troubleshooting. The menu creates a shortcut on the Start Menu. The menu displays required actions in a menu format making selecting easier for users while the help command shows the list of available commands.