PFConfig 1.0.296 (Shareware)

PFConfig is an application that gives the user the tools to perform tunneling or port forwarding. This is a process wherein a user can forward ports from one network node to the next. In order to work properly, this utility has to be pinpointed to a specific router from a list of routers available.

PFConfig updates port forwards automatically with just a single click. PFConfig also provides router security since the ports are forwarded only when the user needs them. This application may be used by the user to optimize the router for more efficient and faster connectivity within the network.

After the router is selected by the user, the applications that need to be forwarded have to be selected. PFConfig is easy to use and can set up the tunneling process in mere minutes. Its work starts as soon as the “Update Router” tab is pressed. With this utility, there is no need to configure any network router manually. After a quick scan of a list, the user has to identify the router and the updating will ensure after clicking on the button.

PFConfig provides assistance to users whose routers are not on the list. The user must identify the router model and the name of the manufacturer. The name of the router and the password associated to it must be provided as well.