Pet Show Craze 1.0

Five-BN (Shareware)

Pet Show Craze is a casual computer game where the player has to take care of pets efficiently. In this game, Maria has found out that Petsville is about to be taken and transformed as a large company wishes to use the land as a place to build artificial animals. These, compared to their biological counterparts, do not need to be taken care of. Kira, the antagonist, also believes that this plastic animal business is more profitable that real animals. Maria has to find a way to beat this big company and prevent it from taking over Petsville.

Each level in the game has two goals. The first is to acquire money. The second is to make the animals happy. Money can be use to either upgrade or purchase new furniture and hire employees. Happiness can be used in buying charms. Some charms, when used, let the player earn five coins and extra hearts. The pets in this game can be satisfied and made happy by attending to their needs. For example, they can be combed if they needed hair styling. In this situation, the user can select the hairstyle that can give the player the most amount of money.