Pet Eye Pilot 3.8.0

Two Pilots (Shareware)

Pet Eye Pilot is an application that enables users to remove the effect of flash on pets’ eyes in photographs. Flash photographs of pets may usually show that they have blue, yellow, or green eyes that are different from the real color of their eyes. This program has a simple interface and the controls are intuitive and easy to use.

To fix the flash effect on pet portraits, users need to click on the affected eye/s. At the right side of the program window, users can find the pet eye correction tools. This is where users can adjust the size of the pupil area and the level of brightness. At the bottom part of the right panel, users can see a preview of the real-time results. Users can see and revert to the original image if preferred.

The program comes with a demonstration that users can watch prior to undertaking any image correction tasks. It also comes with a Help file users can consult when needed. This application is able to keep the structure of the pet’s pupil. Aside from correcting the pupil colors of pets, Pet Eye Pilot can also be used to fix red eye effect in portraits of people. This program has support for common types of image formats, including JPG, BMP, and PNG.