Pestering Birds (Freeware)

Pestering Birds is a match-three puzzle video game. The game is set in a forest where the birds rarely fly. The lazy birds that remain in the forest are eliminated by a dispenser. The aim of the game is to prevent the birds being eaten by shooting a bird ball to birds of the same color. Matching three or more birds of the same color will eliminate them from the wire. Pestering Birds offers three game modes. These are:

• Action Mode – Eliminate all of the birds on the screen by shooting blue, green, or, red or yellow colored balls.
• Adventure Mode – Fight with squads of birds that appear continuously on the screen.
• Arcade Mode – In Arcade Mode, the birds flock to the screen and rest on the ground. The player’s goal is to prevent the birds from touching the control line.

Pestering Birds also provides power-ups that will help players beat the levels. Some of the power-ups include adding a guide line for shooting accuracy and stopping the birds for a limited amount of time. As the game progresses, the puzzle gets more difficult. There are levels wherein sparrows enter the screen and try to distract the player from getting an accurate shot.