Pervasive.SQL 9.50

Pervasive Software Inc. (Shareware)

The original term for Pervasive.SQL was Btrieve. Pervasive Software merged with Actian Corporation early in 2013. Though its extensiveness is not well known, its presence is virtually felt world-wide. The program is an ACID-compliant (which stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) database management system (or DBMS). This information management program is optimized to be imbedded in applications and utilized in different types of bundled software provided by ISVs (independent software vendors) and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Because partitioning of data is possible due to its file-based architecture, users can utilize this program for SaaS (software as a service) deployment to address multitenancy needs. Software applications can then store data in an RDBMS (relational DBMS) model or in a non-schema method also known as key-value store, having no fixed data model.

Pervasive® PSQL™ v9 works with system platforms such as MAC OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It comes in both editions of 32- and 64-bit. There are also editions specially engineered for various networking deployment requirements, including client-server, workgroup, and virtualized environments, such as Cloud computing.

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