Personalization Panel by (Freeware)

Personalization Panel by is a program for customizing certain aspects of the desktop and computer. Accomplishing this is difficult for people using Windows 7 Starter because the latter has no Personalization Panel. Using the program, the user can add a personal touch to his PC.

It is possible to change the desktop backround, screensaver, color of windows, sounds, font size, user account picture, and many more. The user is given a vast array of choices to enhance the way his computer looks and sounds. He can even choose which gadgets to display on his desktop.

The wallpaper can be changed into a digital picture from the user’s personal collection. Or, he can use pictures that come with Windows. He can select a color for his desktop background or use it to frame his background picture. Colors of windows, window borders, menus, title bars, and the like can be customized. Screensavers can be chosen from a variety of built-in screensaver options. The user can likewise alter the sounds made by the computer whenever an email arrives, or as Windows starts or shuts down. Many desktop themes downloadable on the internet or included in Windows come with their own sound schemes. Text fonts, icons, and other screen items can be made easier to see. Increasing or decreasing the DPI (dots per inch) scale make text and objects appear larger or smaller.