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WinAero (Freeware)

The Personalization Panel – also known as the Aero Patch – is a program that allows the customization of themes and effects on computers that use the Home Basic and Starter versions of the Windows operating systems. Specifically, these OSs do not permit transparency features out of the box, which the Aero Patch was developed to address, unlike other Windows 7 versions.

The Personalization Panel works around the lack of transparency options and gives the system this capability by modifying some parts of the Windows registry, as well as some system files. It achieves this by using up minimal system resources and requiring little in the way of user intervention. This makes the patch practical for users who do not have high degrees of computer expertise.

To initiate the panel and access its features, the app requires full permissions, which may be inhibited by some programs. For example, the user has to disable antivirus programs to run it. After the patch runs, a reboot is necessary for the settings to take hold. Once restarted, the transparency options will be available, as is the possibility to tweak themes. The user will instantly see if the patch has worked by checking whether or not the taskbar on the desktop is transparent.